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Once we have your information on record, you are welcome to call if you like. If this is your first time reserving with us, you’ll need to use the online portal to get your pet’s information in our system.

We will gladly administer non-injectable medications and supplements to your pet that do not require use of an inhaler. Please list the name of medications or supplements (i.e., vitamins, fish oil, etc.) that your pet is taking, the amount, and when meds should be administered. Example: Rimadyl, 1 pill, with morning meal. If your pet is not taking medications, please enter "No medications." Please note that your pet must be accepting of medication orally or with food. We won't use force or restraint to administer your pet's medication.

Since there are vaccination requirements and space limitations for boarding and daycare, reservations are required. But making reservations is easy! And once you’re in our system, making reservations takes only a minute or two.

While you don’t have to, you may want to.  It’s never too early to make a reservation for Major Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the week of July 4th. Reserve online, or call and ask about availability.

We will notify you immediately if your pet has a medical emergency. You will decide the course of action, but if you cannot be reached, Now Boarding will act in the best interest of your pet. We use Southview Animal Hospital for our emergency care.

Phone and Fax

  Phone: 612.454.4850
  Fax: 612.455.0408


Shuttle service to the airport!