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If you are boarding your pet here, you are free to use our shuttle service.

We will gladly administer non-injectable medications and supplements to your pet that do not require use of an inhaler. Please list the name of medications or supplements (i.e., vitamins, fish oil, etc.) that your pet is taking, the amount, and when meds should be administered. Example: Rimadyl, 1 pill, with morning meal. If your pet is not taking medications, please enter "No medications." Please note that your pet must be accepting of medication orally or with food. We won't use force or restraint to administer your pet's medication.

Shuttle service is free; parking is $12 per day. See here for more details.

We want your furred or feathered buddy to feel cozy and relaxed at Now Boarding. That’s why we encourage you to bring the comforts of home to us. Please label your pet’s belongings before you arrive for check-in:

Food: Yes, please bring your pet's food and treats. We recommend leaving an extra day’s worth of food in case your travel is delayed. Should your pet run out of food, we’ll provide food until your return for $3.00 per day, per pet.

Medication and/or Supplements: We will gladly administer non-injectable medications and supplements to your pets. At check-in, please bring the medication(s) and supplements along with clear instructions on how your pet should receive them.

Bedding: Familiar-smelling bedding helps every pet feel at home. Please feel free to bring your furkid’s bed or blanket for his suite. All blankets and beds must be machine washable in a standard size washer. Please do not bring comforters, quilts, or sleeping bags.

Toys:  You are welcome to bring up to 3 of your pet's favorite toys. For the safety of your pet, we ask that you not bring rawhides, pigs’ ears or rope toys, as these can pose a choking hazard.

Now Boarding is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

For puppies and dogs: Rabies, distemper, parvovirus and bordetella (either intranasal or injectable). All vaccines must be up to date at the time of check-in. While we do not require a waiting period from when latest vaccine was given, we recommend that the client confer with their veterinarian as to whether they recommend a waiting period following vaccination.

Cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies and distemper.

Phone and Fax

  Phone: 612.454.4850
  Fax: 612.455.0408


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