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While you don’t have to, you may want to.  It’s never too early to make a reservation for Major Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the week of July 4th. Reserve online, or call and ask about availability.

Yes, if your dog’s diabetes is well-managed with food and digestible medication. However, we cannot give injections.

Yes, we offer transportation both to and from either terminal. You’ll be given a phone number to call for transport details (when and where to meet the shuttle).

We believe that if a dog isn’t used to hours and hours of vigorous play as part of his daily routine, it isn’t optimal for him while boarding. At Now Boarding, your dog has ample opportunity to play with other dogs or run after a ball with a staff member.  Playtime is balanced with downtime, just like when your pooch is at home.

Although it often happens more quickly, plan on 15-20 minutes to get from our facility to the airport.

Phone and Fax

  Phone: 612.454.4850
  Fax: 612.455.0408


Shuttle service to the airport!