Now Boarding Pets


Steve B.  said...

I just want to let pet owners know that I highly recommend Now Boarding if you need to board your pet. Last week I had some work done on my house that would have been unsafe for my dog to be around, so I used a free coupon to try their doggie daycare. Although it’s not quite in the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood, it’s just blocks away and on on the way to the airport. It’s an affiliate of the Animal Humane Society, very convenient, priced fairly and seems to be very well run. And best of all, my dog seemed to love it.

Sandy  said...

I used all the different services at Now Boarding for the first time last month.... And I am a very satisfied customer. My goldendoodle enjoyed his visit, had a wonderful time playing with other dogs, and returned to me in a very healthy state. I also appreciated the ability to park and use the shuttle to the airport. Even at 5 a.m., the service was very efficient and the staff was very friendly and helpful. This is a great place, very convenient, and I hope it is very successful!

Laurie  said...

Our cat, Emma, has just returned from eight-and-a-half days at Now Boarding. This was her first experience away from home while we traveled.

We visited Now Boarding during an Open House and felt very confident that this was an excellent place for Emma, one that would also give us true peace of mind.

Registration and check-in went smoothly. Everyone we interacted with was genuinely caring and professional.

Every time we thought of Emma while we were away, it was a relaxed and happy thought. We pictured her enjoying her private cat condo and the lovely light-filled room where cats are given time to explore and play.

When we returned from vacation and picked up Emma, she was calm and happy. At home she resumed her beloved routines as though none of us had been away.

The best part now is knowing that we have a wonderful, trusted place for Emma to stay the next time we plan a getaway.

Thank you to the fantastic staff who provided such wonderful care and allowed us to have a worry-free vacation.

Joan  said...

Our dogs really do not like to go on long walks when it is bitter cold. So we have been sending our two dogs, Oskar and Buddi, to day care once a week to get a little exercise and socialization in December and January They love it! From what we have observed, this place is well managed, clean, spacious, warm and safe.

We recently boarded our miniature schnauzer and maltese. They shared a small suite, ate the food we brought, got a frozen treat on Christmas, received a few hours of day care each day and had a bath right before we picked them up.

It was awesome. We added the parking/shuttle option and it was still less than if we had boarded them at the boarding facility at our vet clinic. We’ll definitely go to Now Boarding for boarding services and would recommend that if you are interested in the day care and/or boarding option, take your dog there for a few hours of daycare first. It is a nice transition to services for your dog.

Lori  said...

Now Boarding is simply the best boarding facility that we have ever had the good fortune to experience! The staff are all so kind and compassionate and helpful. We have had a flawless experience each time we have boarded our one-eyed Pug! He comes home happy, and we have the peace of mind to know that he is being taken care of by the very best while we are away, and you can’t put a price on that. Thank you to all of the staff at Now Boarding for your kindness.

Kristin  said...

We’ve used Now Boarding and the airport shuttle service for a couple different trips in the past with our older dog, and we could tell he was very happy to be back on the second visit. The shuttle service and open hours has really helped us with our either very early or very late arrival and departure times. We no longer have to drop the dog off the night before or pick him up the day after!

This past visit, we brought our new dog, too, and staff were wonderful and worked with our concerns about housing the dogs separately but allowing them to have play time together. Their comments about the dogs told us they’d really gotten to know them over the weekend. Our next trip will be much longer, and we feel much more confident about housing them together this time.

Carolyn S.  said...

I have to tell you how much my dog, Bella, loves Now Boarding for day care as well as boarding. When I got Bella, she was nine months old and very timid, scared and shy around people. When I first started taking her to Now Boarding she had her tail down and stood behind me. The staff would have to take her leash, and Bella would stand and watch me leave. After a few weeks of going to day care, I noticed a difference in Bella. She would rush to the car in the morning, hop in and start singing as we drove to Now Boarding.

She runs in and rushes to greet and get in to play with her buddies, including the human buddies. Bella so enjoys her time at Now Boarding. The staff is great with her and the rest of the dogs. I highly recommend the Day Care and Boarding for all dogs, even those like Bella that need some extra attention to get over their timidity.

Jari  said...

I have had a very positive experience boarding cats at Now Boarding. They are far superior to other boarding facilities in the metro area.

Nikki  said...

We boarded our Great Pyrenees, Sadie, for a week while we were on a spring break vacation. I was very pleased with the staff answering all of my questions before we booked Sadie’s stay; they were very knowledgeable about dog behavior and about creating a positive, safe environment for all dogs.

While Sadie was at Now Boarding, she sampled many of the options on the a la carte menu, such as individual playtime, daycare and a departure bath. We knew Sadie had a great time because she came home and slept for two days!

Thanks for making Sadie’s stay great! She’ll be back soon!

Samantha  said...

I cannot tell enough people about Now Boarding and how much I love your hours and your service. You are the only location I know of who is open 24 hours and that allows such peace of mind. My little Franky adores everyone at Now Boarding and runs in with his tail wagging every time. I’ve used you a lot and will continue doing so. Thank you SO much for being great to our furry family members.