Now Boarding Pets



Amy H.  said...

Thank you for caring for my sweet Winston. It means the world to me and it feels good to know that when I am traveling the world, he is receiving the world's best care.

Cathy C.  said...

My elderly cat was obviously well cared for, and staff willingness to speak with me by phone every couple of days to see how he was doing was a great relief to me. Thanks!

Jenny R.  said...

Staff was great! Friendly and helpful, great hours, very clean. Will definitely use again and recommend to others.

Danielle Dostal  said...
My beloved senior pug, Jade, has been coming to Now Boarding since it opened.  They have become our extended family.  When it was time to reduce Jade's activity level because of her arthritis, the staff at Now Boarding had great suggestions for me and shortly after, the amazing MiniRomp! program was launched.  It is a savior for owners of small dogs and dogs who only need a few hours of playtime a week.Additionally, I had suspected that Jade was beginning to lose her hearing.  The staff member at Now Boarding who has worked with her forever noticed the same thing and mentioned it to me.It's this level of care and service -- an extra pair of eyes on your animal -- that you don't think about when you're booking "just a daycare provider".  Now Boarding treats us like family and we feel the same about them.
Ann A.  said...

We were moving from one house to another and didn’t want our two cats underfoot, or in danger of running out the door, so we turned to Now Boarding.

It was like bringing our cats to the Ritz Carlton. The kitty condos were luxurious, clean and roomy. The roaming area also appeared very large and well-equipped for cat entertainment. The extremely warm, attentive and kind staff took good care our felines. They understood cat behavior and how to help them adjust.

We felt very confident in the care, and were able to focus on our move without worry. The cats adjusted well to our new house when they came home. Thank you for a great experience.

Anonymous  said...

We went on two short Fall trips and dropped our mini poodle, Noshy, at Now Boarding. First trip went smoothly. Second one had a cancelled flight, so I had to go back to Now Boarding, then home, then back to NB the next day, etc. They were very understanding of the craziness caused by the airlines. Noshy came home healthy and exhausted after both weekends, which meant he got lots of social time. We’ve been freely recommending Now Boarding to other dog owners we know.

Kerry D.  said...

I wanted to thank you on behalf of my six cats that came to stay for a long weekend in October.

Making the decision to take cats out of their home and put them in a boarding facility is a difficult one. However, after their experience at Now Boarding, this has become an easy decision. I would do it again and again. I have tried several different facilities over the years, and have never been completely comfortable with the decision to do so. My cats have always been stressed and so ready to go home. When I come get them, they are practically clawing their way out of their “condo.” Well not this time!

From the moment we walked in, the caring attentive staff got to know each and every one of them, taking time to learn all their unique qualities and issues ( several cats are on medication and the staff was so careful with every detail). Although I was nervous leaving them, I felt they were in very good hands. I just didn’t know how excellent those hands were until I came to pick them up.

I was escorted by a staff member back to the “kitty condo” area and was expecting them to be crying and clawing to get out… Quite the opposite! They didn’t want to leave. Some were curled up asleep in very cozy kitty beds, other ones were playing nicely with toys and enjoying the view, and two were out playing in the “open space,” jumping and running up ramps and poles for them to climb on. They were having a wonderful time and not one of them noticed me.

When I tried to take Madeline out to bring her home, she ran right back into her condo! The space was lovely and inviting. Music and mood lighting just perfect for nervous kitties soothed them, and a loving, caring staff helped them to feel right at home. I will be sure to bring them back, as not only did they love it, but I felt much more confident knowing there was 24- hour care and dedicated staff. Thank you, Now Boarding!

Steve B.  said...

I just want to let pet owners know that I highly recommend Now Boarding if you need to board your pet. Last week I had some work done on my house that would have been unsafe for my dog to be around, so I used a free coupon to try their doggie daycare. Although it’s not quite in the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood, it’s just blocks away and on on the way to the airport. It’s an affiliate of the Animal Humane Society, very convenient, priced fairly and seems to be very well run. And best of all, my dog seemed to love it.

Sandy  said...

I used all the different services at Now Boarding for the first time last month.... And I am a very satisfied customer. My goldendoodle enjoyed his visit, had a wonderful time playing with other dogs, and returned to me in a very healthy state. I also appreciated the ability to park and use the shuttle to the airport. Even at 5 a.m., the service was very efficient and the staff was very friendly and helpful. This is a great place, very convenient, and I hope it is very successful!

Laurie  said...

Our cat, Emma, has just returned from eight-and-a-half days at Now Boarding. This was her first experience away from home while we traveled.

We visited Now Boarding during an Open House and felt very confident that this was an excellent place for Emma, one that would also give us true peace of mind.

Registration and check-in went smoothly. Everyone we interacted with was genuinely caring and professional.

Every time we thought of Emma while we were away, it was a relaxed and happy thought. We pictured her enjoying her private cat condo and the lovely light-filled room where cats are given time to explore and play.

When we returned from vacation and picked up Emma, she was calm and happy. At home she resumed her beloved routines as though none of us had been away.

The best part now is knowing that we have a wonderful, trusted place for Emma to stay the next time we plan a getaway.

Thank you to the fantastic staff who provided such wonderful care and allowed us to have a worry-free vacation.