Now Boarding Pets



Inviting and clean, our glass-window suites are designed to let in as much natural light as possible. Suites are cleaned daily, and doggy guests are treated to auto-fill water dishes. Soothing music and a hygienic, climate-controlled environment are enjoyed by boarding dogs, cats and critters. We encourage you to bring in your dog’s favorite blanket, bed, and a toy or two to keep Rover comfy and reminded of home during his stay here.  Choose from three suite options (daily rates are below):

  • Junior suite (4x6 - Limited to dogs 30 lbs. and under): $39
  • Queen suite (6x6 - Limited to dogs 160 lbs. and under): $45
  • King suite (6x12 - Limited to dogs 245 lbs. and under): $49

We offer a discount if you have multiple dogs and would like them to share a suite. The standard rate applies to the first dog; there’s a 15% savings for each additional dog.

Cat guests also have climate-controlled, glass-walled condos, and each features a separate litter box space that’s cleaned multiple times a day. If you’d like your cats to share accommodations, we can open a condo “porthole” and connect cat suites.

  • Cat condo: $25

If you have a little critter, reptile or bird, we’re happy to welcome him or her. Our climate-controlled small animal boarding area accommodates up to 15 overnight guests. Please contact us for more details.

  • Critters: $15

See rates and packages for complete pricing information.