Now Boarding Pets

Questions to Ask When Boarding a Pet

Pets, like people, have personalities all their own. When looking for a boarding facility, keep his or her needs and disposition in mind. Is the place you’re considering a good match? Here are some questions that may help you decide what’s best for your pet while you’re away:

Do I need to make an appointment to take a tour?

No appointment is necessary.  We value transparency and want you to feel more than comfortable with the staff and facility you entrust your pet's care to.  Now Boarding is open 24/7/365 and you are welcome to come anytime for a tour. 

May I bring in toys, blankets, and bedding for his stay?

We encourage blankets or beds - they have owner and home scent and can be a reassuring item for your pet.

We allow up to two toys for dogs.  We ask that they not be hide or rope products because they present a choke hazard.

Cat's are allowed to bring their favorite toys too.  Please note that any catnip toys will be kept in their condo because some cats react badly to catnip.

Can I bring my own pet's food?

Absolutely.  We highly recommend you do because it will be better for your pet to have the food they're used to having.  We do have a high quality house brand available for a nominal fee should you need or prefer it.

How often will my cat’s litter box be cleaned?

Cats' litter boxes are cleaned three times a day and more if necessary.  Please visit for more details about your cat's stay with us.

How often will my dog be let out for potty breaks?

Dogs are let out into a private outdoor run three times a day. In addition, they are provided a complimentary daily exercise in our play yards.  These breaks are spread out throughout the day so dogs are not in their suite more than a few hours in between breaks and exercise.

We also designed our services to be ala carte, so owners can select from a wide variety of additional amenities.  That way you can design your dog's stay to be as close to home as possible.

Please visit for more details about your dog's stay with us.

Are feeding schedules flexible?

We provide meals up to three times a day.  Breakfast is served between 6 and 9am, If lunch is being served that is done between 11am and 1pm.  Dinner is served between 5 and 7pm. 

Will the staff be able to give my cat or dog his medication?

We provide all medications that are not injectable.  We also don't charge for this service unless significant effort needs to be taken to provide your pet its medication (i.e. we won’t force a medication on a fractious/aggressive pet.)

Will my pet receive what I think is a healthy balance of rest and play?

We designed our services to be very flexible so that owners can design their pet's stay to be as close to being home as possible. 

When your dog boards with us, we don't put them in an all day play.  Boarding can be somewhat stressful and playing all day - something your dog doesn't normally do at home  - can add to that stress.  Too, not all dogs like to play with other dogs or are too old to play all day.  We wanted to provide our boarding services to those dogs as well as those that enjoy playing with other dogs.  We provide complimentary daily exercise to all dogs boarding with us as well as a wealth of options for you to choose from.

What services or features make the facility unique?

Our building is state of the art.  Our air quality is of the highest - what you smell is what you get.  We don't cover up odors by adding scented sprays.  We are fastidious cleaners and our air is exchanged from the outside multiple times an hour.  We also designed 90% of our facility from the ground up.  We brought in design features, rather than retro fitting a space, with animals' needs in mind.  Lots of natural light, flexible programming to best fit your pet's needs and we're open 24/7/365 so you can drop off and pick up your pet when it's most convenient for you.

What happens in the event my pet has a health crisis?

We immediately contact you or your emergency contact, if we can't reach you. If you feel your pet needs a vet's attention we will transport to our vet partner, Southview Animal Hospital.  They are 15 minutes away and open 24 hours for emergencies.

Are there any hidden costs/fees associated with boarding?

Our ala carte service plan allows you to pick and choose which services you want your pet to have.  That way you know what you're paying for and there are no hidden charges.  Dog boarding includes three breaks in a private outdoor run and a daily complimentary exercise in our play yards.

Cat boarding includes a 30-minute cuddle time.

Will I receive a written record of my pet’s activities/behavior?

We know how much you miss your pet while you're away and that you may even feel some guilt.  So, we do provide a report card detailing your pet's stay.  You are also welcome to call or email us to check on how your pet is doing.