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Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play Areas

For Boarded Guests

Generally, dogs love to get outside and make new friends, chase a ball or two, or just burn off some energy. That’s why we have four fully supervised outdoor yards for our pooch boarding guests. Each yard is approximately 3,000 square feet and surrounded by an 8-foot fence with an angled top to keep even high jumpers in with the pack. 

For Daycare Dogs

Our daycare doggies socialize and frolic in a 4,000 square foot outdoor yard edged with an 8-foot fence. The yard is covered in artificial K-9 grass, which is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. During warmer months, you may find your pup lounging in one of our regularly sanitized kiddie pools, or snoozing in the shade of oversized umbrellas made of special “Coolaroo” fabric to reduce the air temperature. Our water-misters also help keep pooches cool when temperatures rise.