A well-mannered dog is a happy dog. We strongly recommend dog and puppy training, and we know the right people to work with your pack.

Our dog training classes are taught by professional trainers from Animal Humane Society and are offered at several metro area locations, including Now Boarding. Classes are flexible, family friendly, and available year-round.

Puppy Kindergarten: New skills for puppies 18 weeks old and under.

Obedience Courses, Levels 1-5: Practical skills for any dog older than 18 weeks.

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Why does training work?

Just like people, our pups are more at ease when they know what’s expected of them. Through positive reinforcement, your dog will learn skills to thrive at home and in public.

Training not only teaches good behavior, it curbs negative behavior (like barking and jumping) and increases the bond between you and your dog.

Whether you’re building a strong foundation or revisiting basic skills, our obedience classes will help you bring out the best in your best friend.

Need to practice your new skills? Rent our Outdoor Dog Play Yard — perfect for working with your dog on skills they learn in class.