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Dog Boarding

We are committed to ensuring that each and every pet feels relaxed and secure while in our care. Because no dog is quite like yours, we offer a la carte services to add to our standard boarding package for a fully customized stay. 

Whether you want a staff member to toss the ball with your pooch, would like your dog to have a few hours of group play daily, or need to ensure that your shy dog gets more time with people than other pups, it’s our goal to make every guest —from the feistiest puppy to the most mellow senior—completely at home. 

Along with moderate playtime, dogs enjoy plenty of leisure here. You’re encouraged to bring your dog’s favorite blanket for his suite, as well as his dog bed, food, and a much-loved toy or two. With these familiar comforts, your dog’s tail will be wagging as he settles into our clean, welcoming environment.

  • We have 96 light-filled dog suites of varying sizes with covered outdoor runs
  • Suites are cleaned and sanitized daily 
  • If you have more than one dog staying with us, choose our connected suites, or qualify for our multi-pet discount when pups share a suite
  • Suite areas have zoned heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems
  • Each suite features relaxing music, glass windows, auto-fill water dishes, and built-in drains 
  • Your dog’s stay includes your choice of either a daily 15-minute individual walk or play session with a staff member, or a 40-minute, size-specific group play session
  • Each dog has individual access to his or her outdoor run and is let out for potty breaks 3 times a day

Whether your pup likes to cuddle, walk, or play fetch, he will get regular personal attention from our dog-crazy staff. Want Rover to receive extra TLC? Now Boarding has several a la carte options that allow you to tailor your dog’s stay:

  • Grooming, bathing, or spa services
  • Doggy Play Date (a 3-hour group romp for dogs that play well with pups of all sizes)
  • Extra individual playtime available in 15 or 30 minute sessions
  • Additional size-specific group playtime for 40 minutes 
  • Frozen treats (Frosty Paws or a Flavor Infused Freezepop)
  • Treat-filled Kongs
  • Calming pheromone treatment (a scent that mimics that of a mama dog) in your pup’s suite 
  • Ball pit playtime

For all the furry details, take a look at our rates & packages.

More about ball pit playtime

Our new Ball Pit will stimulate your dog’s senses and keep their noses — and their brains — busy! For 15 minutes, a staff member will encourage your dog to enter the ball pit and seek out hidden treats. We sprinkle dehydrated treats in the ball pit to entice your dog to forage and search. It’s both a mental and physical workout that will get their heart pumping and put a smile on their face.

Tips for successful boarding

You can help make Now Boarding truly feel like home away from home. Read our boarding tips for making your pet's stay a little more enjoyable!