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Cat Boarding

As clean and neat as your cat, our feline facilities will charm even the most finicky of guests. The spacious cat room is open and bright, with kitty condos surrounding an Atrium where cats can climb, play, jump, or enjoy napping in the sun streaming through the large windows. 

Each glass-front, double-decker kitty condo has a separate litter box area and space for your cat to curl up and relax. Please bring your cat’s favorite toys, blanket, bed, and food. With these reminders of home, she’ll be purring her stay away in our cozy and inviting accommodations:

  • 34 double-level cat condos with separate litter and sleep areas
  • Condo walls have “porthole” openings that can be left open if you’re boarding 2 cats that prefer to share a space
  • Multiple daily litter box cleanings 
  • Complimentary 30-minute daily cuddle, plus frequent interaction with our cat-centric staff
  • Additional 15-minute or 30-minute play sessions in our Atrium area available for a la carte purchase
  • For a small additional charge, your cat can enjoy a calming pheromone treatment (a scent that mimics that of a mama cat) in his or her condo and/or a treat filled kitty kong

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Tips for successful boarding

You can help make Now Boarding truly feel like home away from home. Read our boarding tips for making your pet's stay a little more enjoyable!