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Service Rates & Packages

It’s true: we really are here 24/7! Call us anytime to check boarding availability, get an update on your four-legged family members, or ask questions about our services.

We charge in half-day increments, and we bill on a 24-hour cycle that starts at the time of your check-in. That means you are only charged for the time your pet is with us. You’ll never pay for a full day of care if your cat, dog or little critter is only here for a few hours.

Check out Now Boarding services and rates below, and be sure to check out our Offers & Tips page for discounts and deals.

Boarding Rates

For animals staying with us for 15 hours or more.


  • Junior Suite (4'x6', limited to dogs 30 lbs. and under, or two dogs totaling 30 lbs.): $39 per dog
  • Queen Suite (6'x6', limited to two dogs or three mini, totaling no more than 160 lbs.): $45 per dog
  • King Suite (6'x12', limited to three dogs totaling no more than 245 lbs.): $49 per dog


  • Cat condo: $25 per cat


  • $15 per critter

Short Spell Day Boarding (up to 15 hours—not overnight)

  • Dogs: Monday-Thursday: $32 per dog
  • Dogs: Friday-Sunday (and holiday periods): $35 per dog
  • Cats: $16 per cat
  • Critters: $9 per critter

Multi-pet discount: 15% discount for additional dogs in a shared suite. Multi-pet for critters when sharing same cage is 50% off. (Standard rate applies to first animal.) 

We require a credit card be kept on file for all reservations or full payment in advance. A $25 credit card deposit is required for all boarding reservations including Short Spell. If you keep your reservation, we'll apply the $25 deposit to your final bill. If you cancel your reservation without sufficient notice, the deposit will be forfeited.

Reservations for the following major holidays require 14-day cancellation notice:

  • Memorial Day (includes the Saturday and Sunday prior to the holiday)
  • Independence Day (includes the Saturday prior through the Sunday following)
  • Labor Day (includes the Saturday and Sunday prior to the holiday)
  • Thanksgiving (includes the Saturday prior through the Sunday following)
  • Christmas (includes the Saturday before Christmas Eve and the Sunday following New Year’s Day)

Non-holiday reservations require a 7-day cancellation notice.

For more information please visit our FAQ page.

Boarding Packages

Park & Board 

Park here and board your buddy for 5 full days or more, and receive a 10% discount on both your boarding and parking fees.

  • King suite/day: $55 per dog (a value of $61)
  • Queen suite/day: $52 per dog (a value of $57)
  • Junior suite/day: $46 per dog (a value of $51)
  • Cat condo/day: $34 per cat (a value of $37)
  • Critter/day: $25 per critter (a value of $27)

First Class Ride

Fast and easy, this is the quickest way to get to and from the airport. A Town Car or deluxe SUV awaits you when you check in your pet, and will bring you right to the airport’s Ticketing level. Upon your return, a first class ride will be waiting at a prearranged spot. If you miss your flight or it gets cancelled, just let us know and we’ll change your arrangements. Ride in luxury for a flat fee of $10, added to the $12 per day parking fee.

Additional Boarding Options

Tailor your furry friend’s Now Boarding stay with play, relaxation, treats, and one-on-one time:

  • Sweet Relief (Two extra potties for puppies and senior dogs): $10
  • Doggy Play Date (3 hours of group play): $10
  • 15-minute individual walk/play/exercise: $6
  • 30-minute individual walk/play/exercise: $9
  • 40-minute group play: $7
  • Pool playtime (with rinse and dry): $25 for every 15 minutes 
  • Frosty Paws frozen treat: $3
  • Treat-filled Kong: $4
  • Cat calming pheromone treatment: $5
  • Dog calming pheromone treatment: $5 
  • Departure bath
         0-30 lbs.: $15
         31-70 lbs.: $25
         71+ lbs.: $35
    (For some breeds, one of our grooming packages might be a better choice. Please ask for details when making your appointment.)
  • Microchip identification implant: $30
  • Parking: $12/day

Grooming and spa services can be found below.

Daycare Rates (dogs only)

  • $27 per dog, per day
  • 5-day package: $130 per dog ($5 savings)
  • 10-day package: $245 per dog ($26 savings)
  • 20-day package: $460 per dog ($83 savings)
  • 10-half-day package: $165 per dog ($5 savings)


  • $3.50 per hour or $13 for all 4 hours

Late Departure

  • $40 per day (Monday through Thursday)
  • $52 per day (Friday through Sunday and holidays)

Daycare fees will be charged for "no shows" unless we receive a cancellation call by 7 p.m. the day before the reservation. 

Grooming & Spa Services

  • Package #1 — Bath, deep coat conditioner, brush, nail trim, ear clean, feet trim, sani and paw pad shave (no haircut included): Starting at $30
  • Package #2 — Bath, deep coat conditioner, brush, nail trim, ear clean, feet trim, sani and paw pad shave, light hair trim (face, feet, fanny, tummy, ears) OR all-over shave under 1/2" left on body: Starting at $41
  • Package #3 — Bath, deep coat conditioner, brush, nail trim, ear clean, feet trim, sani and paw pad shave, hair cut into breed pattern OR anything over 1/2" left on body OR Furminator: Starting at $43
  • Puppy Package (for puppies up to 6 months old) — Bath, nail trim, ear clean, basic trim: Starting at $16
  • Nail Trim: $15
  • Nail Grind: $18
  • Anal Gland Expression: $20
  • Dental Brushing & Breath Spray: $13
  • Bow/Bandana & Cologne: $5