Now Boarding Pets

Our Staff

June D’Antonio, Front Desk Supervisor

June joined Now Boarding in 2012 as a front desk specialist after graduating from the University of Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in communication. She became a Daycare Lead in 2014.

June loves helping advance the Animal Humane Society’s mission and getting to know Now Boarding’s animal and owner clients. She also is proud to be working with colleagues who treat other people’s pets as they would their own. One of her favorite times of each day is when she brings dogs out to be picked up and both people and pets are so excited to see each other. 

June describes herself as a first-time dog mom and appreciates being surrounded by other dog parents at Now Boarding. June adopted Grizz Lee, a black Chow mix from the Animal Humane Society. Grizz is a familiar face around Now Boarding, spending time in Doggy Daycare and boarding when June’s away. He also loves giving his Now Boarding groomer friends a challenge during departure baths and nail trims. 

Lisa Hinickle, General Manager

Lisa, formerly of the Animal Humane Society, became General Manager of Now Boarding in 2009. While at AHS, she was heavily involved in the construction of planning of this facility, and she knows its every nook and cranny. But it is what’s inside the building that matters most to Lisa.

"I’m so proud of the care that we provide and the quality of our facility, and I’m impressed each day with the level of care and concern that our staff provide to the pets,” says Lisa. Having volunteered with Como Zoo and HSCA in the past, Lisa has seen the positive difference that committed individuals make in the lives of animals. She is pleased to put her energies toward the managerial side of Now Boarding Pets, and is always happy to chat about how Now Boarding can improve the lives of those who view us as a home away from home for furry family members.

At her own house, Lisa is greeted by dogs Zoe and Blue and cats Boca, Fearless and Smudge. All are alumni of AHS, except for Zoe, who was adopted from an area Rescue.

Lori Larson, Administration Supervisor

Lori has never forgotten the lessons she learned at her first job in customer service, bagging groceries at a local grocery store. The customer service philosophy and work ethic has stuck with her to this day. She enjoys problem solving, thinking through issues logically and finding their solutions. 

Lori has always loved animals, both cats and dogs. She enjoyed taking her first dog to training classes and everything she learned during that process. She loves helping people feel comfortable in boarding their pets and learning more about how the organization operates. 

Lori has four cats: Rondo, Gizzy, Ragnar, and Siggy. She adopted three of them from Animal Humane Society and one from a local rescue. She recently got a permit to have six cats and a dog, and is looking forward to adding to her household soon.

Helen Paolo, Daycare Supervisor

Helen has always tried to surround herself with pets and wildlife experiences. With a degree in Environmental Science from St. Olaf College, Helen previously interned at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, in the avian and waterfowl nurseries. She is also working toward becoming a certified pet dog trainer.

At home, Helen is the proud owner of two cats, three snakes, four lizards, and five rats. Helen actually modeled her at-home critter room on Now Boarding's own critter room.

Helen, who has worked at Now Boarding since 2015, enjoys working with her talented and caring co-workers. They inspire her to be the best animal caretaker she can be. She also enjoys working with the clients and their pets, especially those she's been able to form a connection with over the years.