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Tips for Successful Training

  • A well-mannered dog is a happy dog. Just like people, our pups are more at ease when they know what’s expected of them. To help her be her best, your dog will need to learn the skills that will allow her to thrive whether she is at home, at the dog park, or at daycare.
  • Training not only helps your dog be better behaved, it also can enhance your shared bond.
  • If you know your puppy has certain issues (i.e., barking or jumping), don’t assume she will grow out of them. An experienced dog trainer can help with these and many other common behaviors.
  • We think you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, especially if he has mastered some basics. Most dogs are eager to please and learn, so start with a puppy kindergarten or socialization class, and you might be surprised how much he can grasp in a lifetime.
  • We recommend the trainers at Animal Humane Society. Their classes are available year-round, often conveniently located at Now Boarding. Call 763.489.2217 for more information and a current schedule, or visit Animal Humane Society’s website .