Now Boarding Pets

Now Boarding Client Contract

Fees and Charges. Owner agrees to pay all fees in effect on the date Owner's pet is checked into Now Boarding's facility (the "Facility") for all days (including the dates of drop-off and pick-up) the pet is in Now Boarding's care. Owner further agrees to pay for all costs and charges for special services requested, all veterinary and transportation costs for Owner's pet during the pet's time in the care of Now Boarding, and all other applicable charges, including but not limited to late fees and the daily parking fee. Checks that are returned are charged a $30.00 Service Fee.  

Terms of Payment. Payment in full of the daily fee and all additional fees or charges incurred during the pet's stay at the Facility is due and payable on pick-up, before the pet leaves the Facility. Other payments schedules may be available, but must be arranged with Now Boarding and agreed to in writing.  

Veterinary Care. Veterinary care available at the Facility is "first aid" only. Routine veterinary services are not available. In cases of medical emergency, pets will be transported to the nearest emergency clinic, Emergency Affiliated Veterinary Services (if after normal business hours, evenings, weekends and holidays) or a veterinarian selected by Now Boarding (for care during normal business hours). In a non-emergency situation, pets will be transported to the veterinarian identified by Owner. There will be a transportation charge of $25 for all trips to the veterinarian. Now Boarding will attempt to contact Owner or Owner's designated emergency contact at the designated emergency contact number in the event Owner's pet requires off-site veterinary care. Owner agrees to pay for all veterinary services provided to Owner's pet.             

Health and Medical Problems. Owner agrees to notify Now Boarding prior to receiving services at the Facility of any injury, surgery, medications (including sedatives) or other medical issues currently affecting their pet(s). Now Boarding does not recommend grooming for pets known or suspected to be pregnant or nursing. 

Fleas and Ticks. Pets that are observed to be carrying ticks or fleas while at the Facility will be treated with a veterinarian-approved product. Owner will be charged for this treatment. A pet observed to be carrying ticks or fleas while in daycare will be isolated and Owner will be notified to pick up the pet. 

Mat Removal (Grooming only). If during a grooming appointment a pet is found to have minimal   matting it will be dematted, only if this can be done without causing pain or skin abrasions, for an extra fee. Now Boarding will not be held liable for whatever is uncovered on a badly neglected coat, or irritation caused by shaving the coat short due to matting.   

Vaccinations Required. Now Boarding requires proof of all current and required vaccinations, including but not limited to rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough). All vaccines must be up to date at the time of pet’s stay. While we do not require a waiting period from when latest vaccine was given, we recommend that the client confer with their veterinarian to obtain their opinion as to whether they recommend a waiting period following vaccination. 

Now Boarding will not board pets that exhibit symptoms at the time of drop-off of canine papilloma (puppy-warts) or an upper respiratory infection, including but not limited to, coughing, sneezing, or discharge from the eyes or nose.   

No Recent Rabies or Distemper Exposure. Owner specifically represents to Now Boarding that Owner's pet has not been exposed to rabies or distemper within a thirty (30) day period prior to boarding or daycare.  

Right to Refuse Services. Now Boarding reserves the right to refuse to admit to the Facility animals that, in Now Boarding's sole judgment, the staff cannot handle, that are aggressive to people or other animals, or that are not current on vaccinations pursuant to paragraph 5, require injectable medications including but not limited to insulin and subcutaneous fluids, have a contagious disease or appear to be in poor health at the time of check-in. No pets with sutures of any kind are allowed in daycare.

Daycare Late Pick-Ups and Fees. Owners who do not pick up their pets by the close of daycare will incur late pick up charges. Charges incurred will be $5 for every 30 minutes following the close of daycare. After two and a half hours following the close of daycare, the pet will be boarded at our normal daily rate with daycare with boarding charges added for the day spent in daycare.   

Boarding Late Pick-Ups and Fees. If a pet in boarding is not picked up on the date specified as check- out date and the Owner has not notified Now Boarding in advance to make other arrangements, Now Boarding will attempt to contact first the Owner and then the designated emergency contact by telephone. If the pet is not picked up the following day and neither the Owner nor the emergency contact has notified Now Boarding of alternative arrangements for boarding, then a notice will be sent, via certified mail with return receipt requested, to the address given by Owner, notifying Owner that if the pet is not claimed and all fees paid within ten (10) days from date of notice, then the pet will be considered abandoned, Owner will relinquish all rights in and claims to the pet, and Now Boarding will become the owner of the pet. Owner understands that if Owner's pet remains at the Facility past the designated check out date, Owner will continue to incur daily Boarding Fee charges for each day the pet remains in Now Boarding's care as well as any additional charges for services provided (such as additional parking days).   

No Liability for Damages. Now Boarding will exercise reasonable care for the pet delivered by Owner to the Facility. Owner acknowledges, however, that Now Boarding cannot be held responsible or liable for any illness, injury, or death of any pet under the care of Now Boarding, or any damages or loss to Owner that results from such illness, injury, or death. In addition, Owner acknowledges that Now Boarding is not responsible for lost or damaged items including, without limitation, collars, leashes, toys, and bedding. Owner agrees to bear sole financial responsibility for any and all injuries or damages caused by Owner's pet while at the Facility.  In the event that Owner's pet causes injury or damage to a pet or individual while at the Facility, Now Boarding will provide Owner's contact information to the injured pet's owner or the individual(s) who sustained injury or damage. Owner and the individual(s) will work together to arrange Owner's payment for the injury or damage. Likewise, if Owner's pet is harmed by another pet while at Now Boarding, Now Boarding's sole responsibility will be to provide Owner the contact information for the owner of the pet who caused the harm or damage.   

Leashes or Carriers Required. All pets entering or exiting the Facility must be kept on leash or in a suitable carrier. Loose animals are not permitted in the Facility.   

Photography Permission and Release. Owner hereby grants Now Boarding permission to use both still pictures and motion picture video of Owner's pet taken during the pet's stay at the Facility for promotional and demonstration purposes. Now Boarding may reproduce such still pictures or videos containing images of Owner's pet on its website or in its print media, television, or Internet advertising. Owner hereby releases Now Boarding from all liability associated with such uses. Owner may choose to rescind this release for any reason and at any time; however, Owner must do so in writing. 

Visitors for Boarding. Owner may identify persons who are allowed to visit Owner's pet during the pet's stay at the Facility. Now Boarding will not permit persons who have not been identified by Owner to visit the pet. Visitors must provide Now Boarding notification of their visit at least 24 hours in advance, and will be required to present a photo ID at the time of the visit. Visitors are not allowed to remove the pet from the Facility premises.   

Airport Parking. For Owner's convenience, Now Boarding offers long-term parking in the designated areas of the Facility parking lot for a daily fee as listed on the rate sheet. Owner acknowledges that Now Boarding has no duty to patrol or post security in the Facility parking lot and that Owner bears all risk of loss or damage to Owner's vehicle or articles left in Owner's vehicle while parked at the Facility. Owner agrees to hold Now Boarding harmless for any and all damage or theft of vehicles and their contents.